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Tekapo with Waiheke Model

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Area: 45㎡ +24m2 outdoor area
Completion date: 2015
Design company: IQ Container Homes Ltd www.iqcontainerhomes.co.nz
Photography: Unseen Perspective www.unseenperspective.co.nz

Faced with a steep sloping bush-clad site in a natural heritage area with numerous restrictions designed to protect the environment, an Eco-Friendly home with a small footprint and minimal site disturbance was required. An IQ Container Home fitted the bill perfectly. Their 40’ “Tekapo” model offers a simple practical layout designed to make the most of an outdoor area which was positioned to maximise the view. Once enclosed this area provides for all weather outdoor entertaining effectively doubling the living space. An additional 20’ “Waiheke” unit was attached perpendicular to provide an additional room to serve as an office and spare bedroom for when guests stay. 

Due to the structural integrity of IQ containers, timber pile foundations at the container corners were all that was required, minimising cost and site disturbance. In addition to superior insulation and eco-friendly materials used in construction, a 2kw solar system and rainwater recycling features are included to minimise long-term running costs and provide a healthy, warm home. Despite being small, floor to ceiling mirrors on wardrobe doors along with fresh white interior and plenty of natural light enhance the feeling of space.

Every square inch is smartly utilised and the home is packed with innovative dual-purpose furniture and storage solutions such a desk bed, lift up storage bed, convertible couch with inbuilt storage and a murphy bed that folds over a couch. You wouldn’t know if but this smart home can comfortably sleep 7 people. A veggie patch, fruit trees and vermiculture based wastewater system top off this sustainable masterpiece.   

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