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Villa Vanto Reclad, Hamilton

Five two-unit apartments initially built without a cavity had badly leaked. These buildings were right-offs, but Lobell offered a price to gut and make-good the homes. Once fully shrink-wrapped, we got stuck into the demolition and located endless rot and damage to most timber parts of the structure. Originally constructed with a Metropanel system, these enormous sheets needed to be cut and removed in segments, then replaced. We started with one double-unit to get a feel for the scope, and once we understood what needed to be done, we fully scaffolded, wrapped, and demo commenced on the remaining buildings. We installed a new cavity and plastic weatherboard system. We were sceptical of the material at first but once it was up the finish looked sharp, easy to clean too. Overall the clients were extremely pleased with the outcome. Flashman did the flashings around the doors and windows, and we were impressed with the watertightness achieved. Numerous overlapping powder-coated flashings from all angles provides a bulletproof system protecting those vulnerable points.  The project was highly successful, and moralle on site was great. Recladding an existing building can have many challenges, but our reclad of the local Villa Vanto multi-dwelling site was one that we thoroughly enjoyed. Special mention should be made of our Projects Manager Duncan Ryan who did a fantastic job running a tight ship.

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