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Zavos Corner Apartments 2015

Is a medium density housing development on a small 564 sq.m Mount Victoria corner site. There are 1 two-level and 7 single-level ‘apartments’ spread over 3 stories, with a clock tower defining the street corner. The complex sits over an in-ground car park. The building is arranged around a north facing open area, containing public and private courtyards at ground level. Each apartment connects visually to the street and to this open area. Living and outdoor spaces are private and light filled with varieties of views. The building as a whole is intended to read more as a village than a housing complex, creating a connection with the buildings and community of Mount Victoria.

The main construction is kept very simple with light timber framing clad in corrugated iron and plastered concrete panels. We have expressed the indoor-outdoor connections as projections added to the façade, which give comfort and privacy to the inhabitants and allow the building to express itself to the street.

Photography Jeff Brass


  • Civic Trust Award 2015, Home of the Year Award 2016 - multi-unit winner
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