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Cable Stations 4 Connector | Gym Equipment

This versatile station can host up to 4 users at a time and offers the possibility to expand into the CABLE STATIONS 5 or CABLE STATIONS 8 configurations with the addition of extra modules. It includes the Triceps, Adjustable Pulley, Row / Dual Row and Lat Pull Down / Dual Lat Pulldown modules.

A flexible solution:
The CABLE STATIONS 4 CONNECTOR expands the range of possibilities of the standalone CABLE STATIONS 4 platform. Triceps, Lat Pull Down, Rowing and Adjustable Pulley modules, all with separate weight stacks, are included in the equipment. Furthermore, the connector placed over the Adjustable Pulley allows to double up by joining an identical station in the CABLE STATIONS 8 or adding a supplementary Adjustable Pulley, turning into a CABLE STATIONS 5.

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