Custom Fire Design Service

We are specialist designers, which allow owners and architects to have direct input into the design and manufacture of your fireplace – we’ll create your vision of a fireplace in reality. We not only manufacture and supply the mechanical components, we advise on how to achieve the aesthetics to complete the design and assist with the installation itself to complete the fireplace.

Our hand-made product range is extensive, and our ability to adapt products to individual homes sets Living Flame apart from everyone else. Every home is different, so why should your fire be the same as your neighbours?

Before leaving our manufacture and assembly plant, each individual Living Flame gas fire and fireplace is independently safety tested and undergoes an Endorsement Safety Audit to ensure that it complies with New Zealand Standard and the world’s best safety practises.

Custom Living Flame Asymmetrical Fireplace - Top Notch Project

The brief from the architect and client was for a stunning, modern open fire with no flue obstructing the view or the sleek lines of the in situ concrete surround.

As open fireplaces generally require a flue that goes upwards, Living Flame used our knowledge and technology to create a Custom Living Flame A-symmetrical fireplace with a flue, hidden by the steel work, which exits down through the floor and out the side wall, using a power flue, which is accessed via the downstairs laundry.

While a complicated solution, it ensured we were able to keep to the aesthectics of the space by seamlessley hiding the flue within the walls of the home.

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Beautiful fireplaces for beautiful homes
As specialist fireplace designers, we put care and passion into everything we do to achieve your vision in the home. 

With over 35 years of experience creating custom-made gas fireplaces, we’ve continually created new products and milestones that have shaped Living Flame into the highly specialised business we are today.

We go to great lengths to create, manufacture and distribute the finest range of gas fireplaces, with innovative design form and function and special features that give unique benefits to complement any surroundings.