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Ghd Bench Pure | Gym Equipment

Designed for perfect stability in all conditions, our Ghd Bench Pure is perfect to work on the posterior chain and core muscles.

Get the posterior chain the attention it deserves:
Strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, back and core doesn't only lead to more lifting power: it's also fundamental when it comes to the prevention of injuries and strains.Hip, back extensions and glute raises are all typical exercises that can leverage the GHD potential to the benefit of muscle development and safety. It improves core strength, which is a fundamental base of weightlifting, powerlifting, and all sports.

Easy adjustments:
With a simple touch, you can change the footplates distance and knee support incline. No time wasted on knobs, quick and easy access for athletes of different sizes.

Total comfort:
The high-density padding on the GHD makes your hard effort more comfortable than ever.

Maximum stability:
The equipment base has been specifically studied to provide a stable and sturdy support.

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