JSC Board and Batten Timber Weatherboard System


Board & Batten Cladding

A timeless and elegant weatherboard system. Board and Batten cladding creates a layered, geometric finish through the use of wide boards on the base with narrow battens on top. The shadow lines add depth and texture to the façade, providing character and offering an intense contemporary look.

JSC Board & Batten Weatherboard Cladding System

JSC Board & Batten Weatherboard Cladding is a cavity-based system that uses wide boards, connected by narrow vertical strips called battens. JSC Board and Batten cladding creates a layered, geometric finish. The shadow lines add depth and texture to the façade, providing character and offering an intense contemporary look.

The cavity-based exterior wall cladding system comprises of:

  • Vertically fixed JSC vertical weatherboards and battens
  • H3.2 treated timber castellated structural and non-structural cavity battens
  • Fixings
  • Coating systems
  • Flashings and accessories.
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    Timber Cladding
Scope of use

JSC Board & Batten Vertical Weatherboard Cladding System installation to be completed as per JSC Board & Batten technical literature, within the scope of JSC Board & Batten CodeMark Certificate CMNZ30083.


Key benefits of using JSC Board & Batten Vertical Weatherboard Cladding System

  • Fully tested and CodeMark certified for both flexible and rigid wall underlay options.
  • Random width and depth design options.
  • Available in a range of profiles, species, and finishes to cater to all design requirements.
  • In-house factory coating system.

Today's modern architectural designs are increasingly calling for timber cladding to be both low maintenance and excellent in lifetime performance. This led us to develop a range of coatings and application technology, which achieves this goal and complements our range of timbers beautifully.

Specially designed for the New Zealand conditions and unique architectural styles; you’ll find our range's colour palettes reflect the latest trends. We also provide clear and natural options that allow you to protect and showcase the timbers' beauty while the natural weathering of colour occurs.

JSC Coda Exterior Wood Oil & JSC Scumble Exterior Wood Oil

Take a look at our Coatings Book for more information and colour options

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