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My-Fiamma Pizza Oven

Portable Oven My-Fiamma

What makes this portable wood fired pizza oven so special is its very fast heat up time of 20 minutes, and the neat design makes this great oven a welcome feature for your backyard, your patio, deck or even for your balcony.

My-Fiamma will be your best friend: host a wood fired pizza party in your own backyard for the kids or your friends, no planning ahead needed as it heats up in no time and it cooks 3 pizzas at a time in a few minutes only.
Also great for everyday use at home: use My-Fiamma instead of your kitchen oven, the heat up time is the same! The difference however is the taste: a wood fired oven adds that fine wood fired taste to your roast, fish, vegetables, roast potatoes, chicken, curry, bread, pizza.

This light and versatile wood fired oven is made of 304 stainless steel. The outer oven dome shell is in stainless steel and finished with textured powder coating in copper or charcoal colour. The inner part of the oven is stainless steel as well and in between the 2 shells is the double layer of ceramic blanket insulation. The double walled front panel is insulated as well. The design allows for much quicker heat up times: 15 to20 minutes as opposed to over an hour for brick ovens. Of course this also means that the oven will not hold the heat for as long as our refractory brick wood fired oven My-Chef, but because of it’s special design and double insulation My-Fiamma will only need a few small logs of wood at the time to keep it going. It is very economic in wood use.
It also features an innovative stainless steel baffle inside which makes the hot fire smoke travel back and forth inside the oven thereby insuring more heat efficiency and ensuring cleaner air emissions.
The oven door is in insulated stainless steel with thermo viewing glass.
The oven floor is insulated with 40mm high density ceramic fibre board with refractory tiles on top for optimum heat retention.

The oven trolley that is a nice add on to the oven is in textured powder coated steel in copper or charcoal colour matching the oven. It has a rack shelf underneath for wood storage and 2 removable side boards. And for easy moving around it has 4 castor wheels of which 2 with brakes.

A handy fire separator in stainless steel comes included with the oven.

My-Fiamma will be the best part of your outdoor area.

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