Sage Commercial Servery Doors - Aluminium

Sage Commercial Servery doors close off an area that is seen from both sides with a beautiful yet durable design. Hand crafted in either a solid Western Red Cedar or Anodized Aluminium slats, the Sage Commercial offers you a secure, easy to operate door.

Sage Commercials are the ideal closure solution for serveries: they can be effortlessly opened and closed without the need to clear surfaces first. Constructed from robust 18-20mm slats, they are the perfect for high-use areas such as schools and churches, maraes and community areas, clubs and bars, or anywhere a heavy duty roller door is required.

Large spans of up to 3.6 metres wide can be covered, with removable mullions available where required for easier access and wider openings.

20mm Anodized Aluminium interlocking slats for premium security- Supplied with socket bolts for extra security (with other locking options as required)- Supplied complete in ready-to-fit MDF bulkhead - very easy to install!- 10 year guarantee gives you peace of mind – throughout New Zealand- Bulkhead is 300x300mm for screens up to 1500mm high; 350x350mm if over 1500mm high

Installation is very simple! Sage Commercial roller doors are supplied pre-tensioned into a ready-to-fit MDF headcase, sanded ready for you to paint. We also supply matching Cedar or Anodized Aluminium guides/tracks, so you can simply screw the head-case and tracks into place and you’re ‘ready to roll’!

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Sage Commercial Servery Roller Doors are perfect for high-use areas such as churches and schools, maraes and community centres, clubs and bars, or anywhere a heavy-duty roller door is needed. They can also be used to close off cupboards or shelving.



Silver Anodized Aluminium

Interlocking Silver Anodized Aluminium slats. (powder coating not available)
Slats are55x18mm for premium security.



We supply a pair of socket bolts to be fitted on the inside of the roller door opening – this is the easiest and most economical way to secure the opening, and is generally enough for most situations. 

If required, we can install a key lock inside the hand rail. However, this is more costly, and will take longer to manufacture.



Large spans of up to 3 metres wide can easily be covered, with removable centre mullions  available when required for wider openings.



The headcase is 300x300mm for an opening size up to 1500mm high; 350x350mm over 1500mm high.



The Sage Commercial Roller Doors are supplied pre-tensioned in an MDF headcase to make installation as simple as possible.

Check out our installation instructions for more information. 

10 year guarantee for your peace of mind

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