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At an altitude of 550 meters near Queenstown, nestled between the Nevis Bluff, Crown Range and The Remarkables, is Maison Noir. It is a home of quiet minimalism that doesn’t seek to upstage the terrain and frames the views in every direction.

The built form is inspired by local schist and rock forms like the Nevis Bluff. Schist plates of stone slide against each other, which was echoed with the form of the roof.

The materials palette works with natural tones and includes concrete internally as well as externally. The client wanted to house her beautiful and varied art collection, so much thought was given to where pieces went from the earliest design stages.

The client nostalgically wanted to incorporate concrete breeze blocks, so these were given pride of place screening the entry.

This project was published in NZ Life and Leisure Magazine in 2022.

Photo Credit - Carla Mitchell

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