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Enviroclad Coloured Membrane

Viking Roofspec offers Enviroclad TPO in five earthy colour tones: slate grey, mansard brown, medium bronze, patina green and rock brown; providing architects and building owners versatility for the aesthetics of their designs and buildings respectively. Not all flat roofs are unseen, these colours can add extra flare to a surface that would normally have been dove grey or white.
Advantages of specifying a coloured membrane:

  • The opportunity to make a visual statement
  • Provides flexibility and versatility to colour schemes
  • Earthy tones blend more tastefully in rural, bush and coastal areas
  • Assits with compliance in those council zones where cladding shade L.R.V.s (light reflective values) can't exceed 40 LRV
  • Provides minimal glare from the roof, a 'neighbour-friendly' option if their home/building looks down on to it.

The colour range allows you to complement other construction materials such as timber, stone, or copper; all tones found in natural surroundings.

Our coloured Enviroclad range offers the same watertight integrity as standard dove grey or white Enviroclad.


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