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StoSilent Acoustic Systems

Effective acoustic solutions are becoming increasingly important in modern architecture. Even during the planning stage, ways to positively influence the sound of a room as inconspicuously as possible is a major consideration. Ultimately, the way a room is perceived depends heavily on how it is heard, and seen, by those who use it.

Our StoSilent range of flexible acoustic systems can be used to create a tailored solution for any space, providing architects and designers with the means and materials to design acoustically perfect rooms without putting limits on creativity:

StoSilent Distance - Installed as a suspended ceiling or as a wall covering with cavity. The sub-construction is made of metal profiles and the acoustic panel consists of expanded glass granulate. The advantages of this material; it is light, absorbs sound, and can be adjusted to any shape of room to form a homogeneous, seamless surface.

StoSilent Direct - Consists of composite mineral fibre boards with a pre-applied, textured surface. The boards are bonded directly to the substrate, and their pre-chamfered joints can be left as is, or filled prior to applying one of the StoSilent textured finishes. Seamless surfaces up to 700 m² can be created without the need for a break in the system, as well as curves down to a radius of 5m.

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