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Viking WarmRoof Waterproof Roofing Insulation System

The most commonly accepted definition of a warm roof (for low slope roofs) is “a roof where the insulation is installed on top of the roof structure” i.e. insulated from the outside of the building.

The purpose of a warm roof is to increase thermal efficiency by transferring a building’s dew point to the outside. This prevents dampness of structural materials and negates the need for vents that normally allows air to escape.

Viking’s WarmRoof includes rigid Kingspan Polyisocyanurate (closed-cell foam) sheets that are waterproofed by any one of Viking’s membrane options.

Thermal efficiency aside, a Viking WarmRoof is also a practical solution for laying over an existing low-slope roof with weather-tightness or UV resistance issues. The fact the roof doesn’t need to be removed, minimises disruption for inhabitants; protects precious items and protects critical activities. The light-weight nature of the insulation and membrane going on top of the roof, ensures the roof remains well under the 20kg/m2 threshold. Alternatively, this would otherwise require additional engineering of the substrate and supports.

The Viking WarmRoof system negates the need to relocate people or contents and avoids the expensive shrink-wrapping of the building and the environmental cost of waste disposal of uplifted roofing materials.

Components of a Viking WarmRoof system:

  • Vapour barrier (for cool stores and regions with extreme climatic variances)
  • Kingspan Polyiso insulation panel (including tapered)
  • Any of Viking’s sheet membrane systems

With a correctly designed warm roof:

  • The dew point is on the outside of the building = no damp or rotten materials inside
  • No ventilation of the ceiling cavity is required
  • Thermal bridging is avoided
  • The roof cavity is clear for wiring
  • Savings in air conditioning and heating costs
  • Rigid insulation sheets = structural integrity to the roof
  • Significantly higher R-values are achieved
  • Easily retrofitted onto an existing building


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