FACID Tensile Fabric Facades

The Schüco FACID Facade is a cost effective, functional and flexible tensile mesh fabric solution offering opportunities to create a unique facade appearance adaptable to a wide variety of supporting surfaces on a range of building types.

FACID is a non-flammable fabric that provides effective solar shading, while ensuring ventilation and transparency with clear views to the outside. Lower cost options are available for low-flammable printable mesh fabric.

Schüco FACID Facade system can be overlaid on almost any facade type with a high level of design freedom to re-imagine and play with the building envelope to make a functional yet uniquely creative statement. Offering numerous configuration options to create three-dimensional shapes, a spectrum of colours to select from, the ability to print text and artwork onto the fabric, as well as the ability to utilise the translucency of the fabric through effective lighting to create a striking night scene.

Thermosash Group have partnered with German company Schüco. Thermosash manufactures here in New Zealand and installs all Schüco product using our own team of experienced people, ensuring you get not only a quality product but a continuation of our quality service.


  • Exceptional design freedom: free surfaces and windows can be spanned or left uncovered permanently
  • The transparent façade appearance forms the basis for light effects by means of back lighting or projections
  • The textile façade can be optimised even when conditions change; old and new building structures can be easily connected by a shared new exterior design
  • Based on a patented clamping system used worldwide: maximum functionality and clamping without folds in all corners and attachments combined with durability and low costs across the entire lifecycle of the building
  • Use of high-tech textiles ensures multifunctional applications such as screening, sun shading, glare protection and protection against the weather.
  • Modernise building facade with a low cost FACID tensile fabric mesh overlay
  • UV Stable fully printable fabric

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Photos: Schüco International KG. All material provided portrays representative examples of Schüco systems.

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Thermosash is New Zealand’s largest commercial window, curtainwall, total clad façade designer, manufacturer and contractor - local since 1973.               

As a world class supplier of engineered façades, we provide, through constant evolution of our product range, systems that are trusted and proven.

“Our work at Thermosash is critical to the building industry. Our prefabricated design specific engineered building envelopes shape the appearance of our skylines: offering comfort to occupants from heat and cold, protection from the elements, respite from the acoustic discomfort of busy cities and pleasure to those who appreciate the built environment”. David Hayes, Group Managing Director.

Our growth since 1973 demonstrates that the strength we offer the building industry is underpinned by supplying quality, long lasting, engineered building envelope systems. Our ability to meet tight lead times and on-site programmes, our acceptance of transfer of design responsibility, our engineering, manufacturing, logistics and on-site capabilities, together with our team’s passion and quality service commitment enables us to remain at the forefront of the facade subcontracting industry.

Our Expertise
Thermosash’s abilities have grown since its 1973 start-up when Laurie Hayes and his colleagues manufactured commercial windows out of a small production facility. It quickly became apparent that the products and skills of the workforce were creating a performing quality, flexible product that the market sought.

Over time, our teams of dedicated and committed people have grown, this has been possible through constant reassessment of internal and external processes and manufacturing methods from around the world. We’ve also provided ongoing reinvestment in the training of our people to ensure lean process, IT Systems, material handling machinery and transport logistics equipment, as well as design office and factory production process improvements. We are able to offer a world class company with manufacturing facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Our Offering
We offer an extensive range of cost effective, high performance rainscreen, pressure equalised window, door and façade solutions to suit any commercial project. Our products are incorporated in high-rise office blocks, apartment buildings, shopping centres, airports, institutions, hotels, industrial complexes and quality architectural homes.

In addition to offering bespoke façade solutions for new builds, we are experts in recladding, rainscreen over-cladding and the refurbishment of existing façades.