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Extruded and Composite Fins & Louvres

The advantage of a Thermosash fin or louvre system is you design it; Thermosash engineers it! Thermosash can engineer a bespoke solution and has the manufacturing capabilities at our premises in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch to custom clad with almost any durable material.

The blade systems can be fixed or actuated via integrated BMS functions offering a high-quality external building shade system that can lower the heat gain on your building and add aesthetic value.

Thermosash offers bespoke engineered solutions:

  • Can be designed for light, glare, heat or aesthetics.   
  • When incorporated into a Thermosash façade do not generally require additional structure and do not penetrate the wet zone of the façade - meaning no leaks.   
  • Can be fixed or pivoted.   
  • Fully integrable blades and connection systems.
  • 100% New Zealand made.
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