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Skylight & Atrium Glazing Systems

Thermosash Alpha Glazing System - capped, skylight & atrium glazing bar systems. 

This design style of overhead glazing employs an aluminum extrusion that encapsulates a minimum of two edges that are then connected back to the primary structure. The Thermosash Alpha Glazing Suite can be used externally for canopies or internally for skylights as well as an economical solution for factories, warehouses, hangers and grandstands, yet is a sophisticated and rated high performance solution for all high end skylight and sloped glazing applications.

The sophistication required of products used in overhead glazing can often be overlooked; the special design features required to cope with considerably higher water loadings, heat gain or loss (which introduces condensation) and in particular the risk associated with accommodating costly higher specification products (eg high performance laminated and insulated glass units) used to overcome these particular problems without compromising their product warranties.

Due to potential exposure to high wind, seismic, snow, and live loads etc, it is necessary for these types of systems to be specifically designed.

Innovation and providing custom specific design solutions has always been the foundation on which Thermosash has developed its suites. Our growth has been influenced by constant research and development and being very aware (through our off-shore technology agreements) of overseas trends, thus enabling us to anticipate the needs of our customers.

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