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Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are a great solution to managing the internal environment from blasts of cool or hot air as conventional doors are left open or used frequently with customers or visitors.  They also can significantly reduce the amount of floor space required to manage the same challenges with conventional hinged or auto doors.

Another advantage of revolving doors is that they can handle large volumes of people by controlling the walk speed and also largely by the user not having to slow down to operate a hinged door or wait for others to walk through the same opening. 

The available technology here has advanced also. There are brands of revolving doors now that can operate in both revolving and bi-parting options as well as act as the emergency egress path, whilst others can provide TV or static promotional space which is ideal in locations such as train stations, airports or shopping malls where cross-selling can provide an additional revenue stream. 

The technology is updated often - so call us to discuss how we can integrate a revolving door solution either as a retrofit or as a new installation into your next build.

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